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Money, God and Sex

April 29, 2015

How does it feel to have our precious hearts broken, living in the darkness like sweet grapes lost its identity, then got crushed into a barrel, not knowing days or nights, or how many years had gone by… but unknowingly turned into soulful fine wine, ready to be served at the Feast of Life? How does it feel when lovemaking with life in silence, so blissful to surrender all that is so precious as ” mine”  to life itself, merging, rippling and dancing into infinite time lines?

life goes on…

How does it feel to have overloaded information, thoughts forms, ethic conflicts while our old personality overwhelmed with new data, like computer crashed, we experience panic attacks or even mental breakdown…pacing back and forth in the darkness of our mental cellar, moaning for the lost innocence…not knowing days or nights, or how many years had gone by..  witnessing the old person died and new birth in the Spring? How does it feel when life has opened our eyes, we can truly see whatever is in front of us fully present without fear… what more can we loss? What else left for us to protect?

Life goes on…

How does it feel to be an innocent oyster experiencing the flow of tides and endless bliss but all has been taken away by the sudden invasion of the sands… the old reality came to an end, not knowing days or nights, or how many years had gone by… Irritation, suffering, hopes and fears, confusions and realization are like different phases of the moon waxing and waning… until those tears and sands turned into pearls of wisdom? How does it feels when pain and sufferings became our old friends but in a twinkling of an ha-ha moment, those old friends were gone, yet, a part of us are still holding on?

life still goes on…

Oh, yes! Some grapes did not turned into fine wine, but bitter and sour and having identity crisis… some mental case did not breakthrough but breakdown. What are we going to do with those undigested attitudes? some oyster got eaten before the realizing of the first pearl… life still goes on… Life shall not stop living regardless we breakthrough or breakdown; life shall never end regardless we bless it or curse it… Our precious heart might get shattered, broken and disillusioned from time to time, then waking up with a sudden new sight at one fine morn, recognizing everything around was once a piece of heart of mine…  Compassion cannot be attained by reading many libraries of books but through life experiences of our own living truth. Living truth comes from an inner alchemy that allow us to grow beyond our confined boxes… Compassion is the profound understanding from the depth of our souls and hearts. It is a mark of an old soul who has seen so much and has understood so deeply. A young tree might idealize love and light; an old tree has lived through love and light and stormy dark nights… hence comes the depth and unconditional love.

I did not know we were “poor” when I was small. Little Gold and Little Firewood might be too small to even remember this. I did remember those days when typhoons wiped out many houses and flood were everywhere. We lived in a humble Japanese style of half wooden, half cement house with one room that had cement floor and the other room was a bit higher floored with Japanese house tatami.. It was a village like dorms for the families of teachers and military alike.  When the flood came, mom would pack up our belongings from the lower room to the the higher room.. if the flood came up to the higher room we then climbed to the roof. I did remember seeing salvation army members boating to each roof and bringing us the U.S. Navy survival packages. Those pieces of hard cookies, cans of meats, chocolates… all tasted marvelous to me. What an event!!! I had such an unbelievable time having picnic on the roof, eating foreign food, soaking wet with winds and rains… When the flood retreated, We often had snakes left in the houses… kids were holding those water snakes playing terror games with their friends while adults were busily fixing their house and helping one another to rebuild.

When mom cooked something special, it was never just cooked for our small family but  enough to feed many neighbors. We were taught to deliver each plate of special food to different neighbors saying something like: ” Mom said this is not a big dish but something small from our heart to share with you.” Mom was not the only one doing that either, the women in those days took turns to surprise their neighbors. They could make a table of feast out of almost nothing except vegetables from their own gardens and eggs from those “organic raised chickens”, some noodle… seaweeds, flours and salt. When it was time to harvest from our fruits trees, none of us thought of making money from our neighbors. We would go to neighbors asking them to bring some bags and baskets to take them home before the fruits got spoiled. They shared their fruits in their gardens with us too. Now looking back, that was abundant in all levels. Everyone’s heart was filled with appreciation, gratitude and sincere concerns for the neighbors. We supposed to have lands and wealth in the Mainland China but born as the third generation offspring of political refugees. Our elders did not stress the importance of money making but the importance of high awareness for the common good and high intelligence to lead. Father often said that lands, wealth, fame and anything external could be robbed either by the ill-willed people or by the ruthless fate, but nobody could rob our intelligence.

The ballet barre mom and dad set for me did not match with wooden floor but cement floor  with uneven surface. Later in life when I got scholarship to the U.S, I was so surprised about dancers complaining the beautiful floor was not good enough that made some people injured themselves. I was not taught to blame the floor if I got injured. I was taught if I got injured it was either because I was not present enough or not practiced enough. In the U.S. we have plenty food, good living standard but most people feel so much lack and had to keep financial stress as privacy. Money was such a big thing that we spend so much of our time making it but often do not make enough to go around. People were so stressed to make more money then there is no time for self education, research, soul journey and to keep an eye on what the governments are doing with our tax money… people have to work even harder to pay tax while the mass medias were controlled by puppet masters. The TV and medias know how to steer people’s attention and belief system to become even better sheep who dare not to think with their own mind but faithfully buying material gains to sustain a system that enslaves people.

God! Oh! my God! I did not know that I was a “sinner” born with original sin. I had a great time in the church, daydreaming and floating around everything that was sacred to my heart. Nobody understood the Latins or foreign manners. We had a great time experience exotic theatrical ritual and commune with the ” God ” who suppose to be all loving… Years later when I realized that we were born with original sin and we had to repent… That felt like a deep betrayal  that got our intimate relationship with God twisted and mixed up with shame and guilt. That “God” from the Old Testament who seemed even more moody than my parents was not a nice guy at all. This experience of living from the bliss of ignorance -because I did not understand Latin and had a misunderstanding of how God supposed to love me as “His” precious child. to waking up reading what was printed on paper that I was a sinner or some unworthy creature until I repent from something done before my birth by some people I had never met… and I need to self-deny like a slave to please ” Him ” in every way I knew how. This kind of betrayal was brutal to a teenager. I began to seriously consider if my previous loving relationship with God was only an one-sided adoration that was based on misunderstanding. If “He” was such a moody and easily offended guy, I truly did not need Him to be in my life at all – period.

According to the ancient records from Sumerian civilization, humans were genetically engineered to serve the Annunaki. Some scholar said it was an ET race who is like older brother to the baby earth humans. Other said Annunaki simply means from the above, so any ET could be called Annunaki since they arrived from the sky. According the the legend/myth/ancient records that humans were made to not be able to procreate and they were made to be slaves mining gold for the gods/Annunaki. Gold was important to maintain the energy field for the planets they came from. Maybe the Annunakis were tired of keeping on genetic engineering new human bodies to work for them, so some of the Annunakis experimented to engineer humans DNA again to have procreative ability… the legend said when the earthly humans began to procreate among themselves, the gods were very upset because  the earthly humans were so loud while mating among themselves that the gods could not have peaceful nights of sleep.

Sex! oh! Sex was something kids hush hush about. I was so bothered about hearing mom and dad doing that kind of thing that sometimes woke me up from my hearty playing in the dreamland. It almost made me want to go to the confessional booth to confess for them… then I would get myself into trouble because I supposed not to know such thing… until years later when I realized that all my friends mom and dad also “did that kind of things” or none of us would ever come out of our moms bellies… I felt so happy and so relieved.

With what I know now, oh, my goddess! Of course sex is a big deal beside genetic lineage. It also can be used as political mechanism for social orders and power generators, not to mention what today’s quantum physicians would say while measuring the energy field of two human beings linking up in such passionate loving way… What if the Sumerian records were true, and humans were genetically engineered by those who from ” the above? ” Ah! since they suppose not to be able to mate in the earlier part of their genetic memories, of course sex is a touchy issue down to the cellular memories. It was the goddess Inanna who gave the earth humans many gifts from the realm of gods including the art of lovemaking according to ancient myth and legend. Lovemaking is definite something else than just having sex… This also said a lot about why sex plays such important part in spiritual journey across all cultures. It ranges from sacred sex to the tantra yoga to the Taoist sex for immortality…then swing to a totally sexless life in order to be closer to “God.” Most mind controlled cults use sex abuse to create confusion and self worth issues to keep their followers controlled. These cults do not need to exist in a remote village but right in the open in the main stream societies where sex symbols were embedded into children’s animation movies… Virginity become a word that sounds like ballet – too difficult to continue keep up with it. In reality virginity has nothing to do with having or not having sex but a state of mind that was symbolized by an image of an ageless ancient maiden holding a mirror in front of her heart to reflect to whoever encounters Her Presence in each virgin moment. That was the true meaning of Immaculate Conception – truthfully reflect what IS in each eternal Now.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


It was said in the Bible and many other ancient text that gods were walking among humans in those ancient times. These records showed us that in those time many locations on earth were like New York City as part of the galactic playground where many races gathered and lived with one another. When I first arrived in New York City, I was so touched by the sight in the subway that all races sat next to one another reading their newspaper with all kind of languages…. What if all the ancient records, sacred texts, Bible, myth, legend… were all true, it only need some insight to ” see ” these records as holographic recorded “movies” instead just words printed on papers.

Belief system is a tricky business. We endorse it into reality by believing it. If we believe there is a God who is separated from us, living higher up in the cloud watching everything over us ( from outside in ), we then shall endorse a reality of a judgmental God who is actually emotionally insecure and have not even attained compassion and unconditional love but ruthlessly conquer ” His Enemies. ” Guess what?  We then might become judgmental and lack of compassion because we are “His Children.” A world filled with people who are diligently judging one another is not going to be a happy world. I have seen beautiful people who worked very hard to become “pure” and “less sinful”… often focus on what is wrong with the picture and clean off the stains from the shirt so obsessively… What if people’s sacred cows were just some programs to engineer’s people’s belief system as part of the ruling techniques?

Some people knows that God lives in our heart who is not separated from us or judging us ” from outside in.” The God lives in our hearts lives in everything, so there is love everywhere. How can the omnipresence create something like devil or Satan who is not part of itself? Thick Nhat Hahn, a living master in our time said- No Mud, No Lotus. This is such a simple truth to demystified the spell of duality.

Life is not about obsessively spending our lives to clear out the stains/ mistakes from the past and become as white as toilet paper… but about attaining wisdom through all kind of life experiences through water of life and through the collective unconscious that often feels like muddy confusions… From all that seems impossible, the lotus rise above the water, bathing in the sun and still deeply rooted in the mud, this is the symbol of Enlightenment, not just from the Oriental Buddhist tradition. Lotus was also the sacred symbol for the Ancient Egyptians.

Christianity on the other hand has it well intended but highly misunderstood history: For the first 280 years of Christian history, Christianity was banned by the authority – Roman Empire, and Christians were violently persecuted. This situation changed after the “conversion” of the Roman Emperor Constantine who was a wiser political leader than a religious devotee, called the Council of Nicea in an attempt to use Christianity for his social orders. Constantine masterfully played Christianity as a religion that could unite the Roman Empire, which at that time already began to fragment and divide. Constantine did not fully believed the Christian faith, but continued many of his pagan beliefs and practices, so the Christian church that Constantine promoted was a mixture of original Christianity and Roman paganism. Constantine played the belief system on his citizens like playing chess. He himself did not need to buy into any of these mental programs, but he cleverly lay these beliefs on the people he ruled over for his political gain. Of course religions need to be organized, because it is political power.

The Gnostic Christianity on the other hand is more close to the original teaching of Jesus, but they got persecuted by the organized Christian just like how original Christian got persecuted by the Roman. Why? Because these people cannot be “organized.” Their relationship with “God” was not a public one but a private one for God lives in our hearts…

Christianity, Judaism and Islam and their subcultures all share the same founding Father Abraham. Abrahamic religions place faith above all things meanwhile it seems like that these off springs siblings neither have faith with one another nor within their own subcultures. Please be compassionate with our soul siblings because that is not their faults, they do not know that mental programs can run so deep into genetic memories generations after generations… An entire belief-system is based on devoting oneself to a “God” with blind faith… This put quite some population in our world into an interesting mentality based on self-righteous. Self -righteous often has nothing to do with the truthful righteous because it is self-importance and self-glorifying oriented. We can only devote to the divinity that lives within our own sacred hearts from there we experience Oneness or it could be a dangerous business due to mind controlled programming that promote separation, divisions and conquering… Religious fanatic comes from the mind control programs. Yes, mind can be controlled and brain can be washed… To give our devotion to anything external with blind faith is a risky business.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Hebrew word for God in Genesis 1:1 is plural –  It is the Hebrew noun ’elohîm; the singular form is ’el and ’eloah. Why? Perhaps because they were the recorded experiences those ancient people encountered with those whom from “the above.” As days gone by it became organized religions before the arrival of Jesus. God became a concept instead of living truth from life experiences. Jesus said there was one law, love, that overwrite the Ten Commands. Jesus taught universal law and cosmic truth to those fearful people who feared their zealous “God.” That was very much like someone from an advanced civilization helping some tribal people seeing life differently…The organized political religious force did not like that… after Jesus got removed, the organized political religious force turned around to accuse the innocent people – Jesus died for your sins. They had done everything to turn brave hearts who are sovereign and tall-standing into herds of sheep who dare not to have private relationship with “God” but listen to the authority to translate what “God” says… Whoever did not fit into sheep class might get caught, burned as witches or evil.

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), the Italian philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and occultist whose theories anticipated modern science got burned at the stake because of the tenacity with which he maintained his unorthodox ideas of earth was not the center of the universe, but orbiting around the sun… In his final moment at the stake, he said- it is still orbiting right this moment…

If you have a degree on any science object, chemistry, physics, computer… you could be burnt as evil,witch or occultist in those days. If the “authority” found some books, or even just one book in your home, you could be charged as  heretics. You suppose to be the good sheep and follow the rules from the shepherd. You do not need to read books because you will misunderstand it, it is dangerous for you. Only the shepherds had the right to read the books. If we think this only happened in the Dark Age that were few centuries ago, we then in big error. Today’s google searching engine and many other searching engine is paved the way of an AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) – god to give people ” the right answers. Today’s social media like Facebook or YouTube create ” people ” in the cyber space… so instead of biologically people get cloned, they ” clone” people’s intelligence and characters through the posts from their mental bodies in cyber space. Occult knowledge simply means hidden knowledge. Our secret governments who own Secret Space Programs and having colonies in the bases of moon and Mars and colonies on planets beyond our own solar system definite having lots of ” occult knowledge ” yet they promote some belief systems for their controlled population  how to believe and how to act like good sheep. These people might or might not also believe ” God ” but not the kind of “God” they steer their people to be enslaved. This remind me of parents partying with their friends with lots of fun topics and good drinks and hors d’oeuvre that kids should not have… so good kids should only kiss the adults goodnight, and go to their rooms.

Holy books are wonderful things if we read them from our heart and understand them from the depth of our souls. Often we were taught to interpret those messages from our heads and from the heads of our teachers, parents, elders… they had also learned this way from their teachers, parents, elders… Good luck!!! We then might just become very judgmental, dogmatic devotees whose heads  are filled with fearful thoughts and often easily  offended while wondering how dare other people live outside their boxes.

The head shall never understand what the Heart always knows.

How can I share a deeper part of myself that is so far-out of boxes of programs and still pretend to be ” normal?” How can we still be friends if my living truth has been something that people have hard time to talk about? Sensitively I could only say – How come everyone is praising Emperor’s new clothe while in fact the Emperor has no clothe on??

What if many events listed in the Bible were true but not as interpreted by the political religious authorities who would like to lead people to perceive realities in their totalitarian mentality? We are the masters of our lives. There is no other authorities who are closer to ” God.” Nobody is closer to the God who lives in our heart than we do. We are not closer to the God who lives in someone else’ own heart better than that person does. If we all understand such simple thing, then there shall be world peace and a evolving humanity. Perhaps we then can become galactic humans who finally grow up, taking responsibilities as cosmic beings…instead of worshiping other cosmic beings who might be good sometimes, bad, and ugly other times and placed themselves as our gods.

What if many stories in the ” Bible ” are true but they were records of Extra Terrestrial  encounters? The word Bible is from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, means books. It is a canonical collection of texts sacred in Judaism and Christianity. There is never “the Only One Bible” but many Bibles with varying contents exist. Different religious traditions have produced different selections of texts. Believe it or not, if you trace the roots back to their origins, many of them were from the Sumerian records… These do largely overlap however, creating an important common core of belief system. Please remember that when Christianity started, it was treated as a cult and Jesus was “blasphemy” to claim himself as son of God… This is very much like when Buddha taught about the cosmic law that challenged the established Hinduism. The Authorities in each era loved to edit out the original versions of the sacred teaching simply because “kids suppose not to know such things.” The conflict between the old and new belief system was caused by the established belief system that did not want their established social orders and political power got replaced. The new belief systems often taught universal truth that were closer to the heart and soul… as soon as it got established, it was just as corrupted as the old ones. Now the ” kids became the parents, their kids supposed to kiss the adult goodnight and leave the adults having their fine wines and enjoyment…” What if we have a new society that everyone is an “adult” with awakened full consciousness?

Jesus did not say that he is the Only son of God… he called us his brothers and sisters. We are all sons and daughter of God not some unworthy bastards who had sinned before birth. The crime against truth and humanity here is to turn the Original Grace which is God’s love into Original Sin which is fearing a zealous and immature God. Ironically  it is not enough to just fear God, these poor innocent  people also fear evil who supposed to be “His enemy” Fear, fear, fear…

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. We love, because He first loved us. – John 4:18″


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


To make such complex human dramas that often includes enslavement, human sacrifices,  and prostitution in all displays easier to understand, it simply come down to three highly charged words- Money, God and Sex. They all come from the same undigested power issues that seldom feels enough but often in lack and wanting more… more money, more closer to God and more sex to prove one’s own value.

All scandals are nothing but Money, God and Sex:

Who took the money that did not belong to him/her? Who were acting like messengers of God, made tons of money then got found out of having sex with the “wrong people at the wrong place and wrong time… ” The list is long but the causes are simple enough to not need other words beside Money, God and Sex. Fanatics would say – let’s cross these three words out of the dictionary of our lives, because they are the roots of all evil. Throwing the baby out with bath water does not speed up our enlightenment either. It is the misuse of holy books, we then suffer from holy poops. If money is the root of all evils we might need to  ask if poverty is the roots of all virtues and promises? If God lives in our hearts not someone outside of us, how could we get closer to God who is already inside our hearts? If Sex is sinful and eating an apple is unforgivable, let’s leave the zoo to the zoo keepers, and leave the laboratory to the galactic geneticists.. let the Hero’s journey lead us to our divine destiny…

Are we going to lead our youth to continue those mind controlled programs just because we ourselves had been through such experiments? If you belong to a spiritual community and someone claim to be the spoken person for the God who lives in your heart… well, I do not know about you and it is not my business to tell you what to do. I would run as fast as I can… There are all kind of organized religions, or organized spiritual community.. but who can organize “God? ” Who can organize the infinite? All religions talking about heaven, that means from the above, or from the sky. If you are a Martian who lives on Mars you would treat someone from earth as heavenly messenger according to your Martian perception of ” from the above.” We are going to evolve into galactic citizens, let’s expand our awareness out of the tiny boxes of our old tribal mentalities that often based on polarity consciousness of us vs them, good vs evil… What kind of creators we would like to be when we evolved into the guardianship for other much younger planets? Some zoo keepers? Some zealous gods/goddesses? Some ruthless and mad scientist alike geneticists?or the awakened daughters and sons of Divine/ The Great Spirit/ All That Is, who serve life and humanity with all our hearts and all our might.

Oneness has nothing to do with the sameness, in other word living in oneness is not about being Totalitarians. This is a big one. How do you know if the spiritual community you belong to is not a cult? Just look at people’s words and behaviors in such community if they think, act, talk like cookie cutters from the same company. Omnipresence would not want to create a boring universe that everyone think the same and everything fit perfectly for the perfect same outcome. From the depth of my heart, I do not mind if you think I am evil. This soul has gotten burned as a witch countless times when incarnated in some dark ages on this planet, but it shall not be this time. Like what Giordano Bruno said in his final moment – it is still orbiting right this moment, Jesus said in his final moment, Father, please forgive them for not knowing what they are doing…

I have no ideal what I would say when that moment comes for me. I do know it is going to be a long long time, most likely that day shall never come because this is a different time… Let’s put aside Money, God and Sex… and the difference of belief systems… and the programs we had been through… We are precious reflections for one another. We are the ones we have been waiting for – according to ancient prophecies from all traditions. Everyone on planet earth who still has a physical body in these days is a great soul- regardless if you feel great about yourself or not. We are all going to have a ride together no matter what we had been through, or what kind of beliefs we give our endorsement to,  or what kind of demons and obstacles we fought against and through… None of these matters any more. We are all here together, as splendid tribes of many colors riding on many waves… from a planetary civilization to a galactic one… in One Heart.

There is an ancient prophecy about this special event since the beginning of the time.

It has begun…

and We Are It.

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